Quality Personnel

We take great care in finding and keeping the top employees in the security industry.  Through intense training and stringent hiring requirements, we are proud to offer the most capable and responsive security company on Roatan.

Bulldog employs only the most qualified and dedicated security professionals.  We go to great lengths to identify and hire only the most professional, courteous, ethically motivated and qualified Installation Technicians, Dispatchers, and Response Agents and Security Guards.  From the craftsmanship of our Installation Technicians, the attentive and responsive nature of our Dispatchers, to the rapid and forceful actions of our Response Agents and Security Guards, there is no weak link at Bulldog Security International.  To ensure you have only the highest quality personnel serving your business security needs each Bulldog employee:

  • Undergoes an intense criminal background check
  • Undergoes a review of personal and professional references
  • Undergoes drug testing. There will also be random drug testing throughout employment
  • Undergoes rigorous training in firearm use/safety and confrontation, apprehension and defensive tactics. Additionally, employees will be required to participate in Continued Professional Development training each year
  • Is fluent in both English and Spanish to ensure clear communications with our clients

Bulldog works hard to keep our superior team member because we know that philosophy results in maximum trust and efficiency.  Call Bulldog Security International today to find out more about how we can provide your business the type of full service security it deserves.