24/7 Monitoring and Rapid Alarm Response

Bulldog’s Central Monitoring Station is the perfect technical complement to your home security technology.  Our highly trained “Dispatchers” at Bulldog’s Central Monitoring Station will monitor your home 24/7 and will be ready to respond immediately if your home security alarm is triggered.
For those who are serious about safeguarding their family and home, Bulldog’s 24/7 Monitoring and Rapid Alarm Response is a must.   In the event your home security alarm is triggered our Dispatchers at the Bulldog Central Monitoring Station will immediately deploy our Response Agents to your home to resolve the situation.

24/7 Monitoring
Bulldog’s 24-hour Central Monitoring Station is operated in West Bay, Roatan providing reliable, local, 24/7 monitoring of your home. Our Central Monitoring Station is well equipped to ensure that we are prepared to respond the moment your home security alarm is triggered.  Some of the impressive features of Bulldog’s Central Monitoring Station include:

  • Land line and cellular phone lines to ensure uninterrupted monitoring of your home
  • Back up power generator to ensure uninterrupted operations
  • High-end radio and telecommunication equipment to ensure that our Dispatchers are in constant communication with our Response Agents
  • Sophisticated computer systems

Rapid Alarm Response
Bulldog has a team of highly trained, mobile, uniformed, armed, and radio dispatched Response Agents prepared to immediately respond to a deployment call from our Dispatchers at Bulldog’s Central Monitoring Station.  Our Response Agents will be at your home within minutes of your security alarm being triggered.

Once at your home, Bulldog Response Agents will perform a full sweep of the home premises. Our highly trained Response Agents will take further action depending on the circumstances and any prior instructions you have provided.  After the emergency situation is resolved, you will receive a complete Incident Report detailing our efforts and the results of our on-site investigation.  A few features of Bulldog Response Agents include:

  • Response Agents are equipped with high profile radio linked 4x4 SUV security vehicles that will enable Response Agents to respond to any triggered home alarm within minutes no matter what the terrain
  • Response Agents will randomly patrol your home in their security vehicles at all hours of the day and night
  • Response Agents are in constant radio communication with our Dispatchers at Bulldog’s Central Monitoring Station to ensure a coordinated response to any triggered security alarm
  • Each Bulldog security vehicle prominently displays the Bulldog logo and is equipped with a warning light bar and other crime deterring equipment
  • Response Agents and their security vehicles will have a high profile presence on Roatan
  • Response Agents undergo extensive training in firearms and confrontation, apprehension and defensive tactics

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